Please read this section before emailing for a quote, to give you a rough idea on our price scale.
It is very difficult to give a ball park figure, as each job is different because there are many factors that affect the time and the price of the job.
I know many people think we just point the gun and pull the trigger but as you can appreciate, there is a lot more to it than that.
The type we undertake for both Cars and Bikes:
Custom & Standard Paint    Tank Repair    Plastic Welding    Race Replicas    Smart Repair    Airbrushing    Pinstriping
Below are some examples of work to give you a rough idea on prices. Please remember these are only “ball park” figures and can go up or down.
Flame Job:
2 colour flame job with pinstripe, bare metal preparation, tank, front and rear fenders, fully flattened and polished to a show standard £1300. For art work only, over a good standard paint finish with a "from the gun finish" and full prep £750. Please bear in mind that faded flames, art work in flames, intricate colours such as pearls and candy's again would be extra.
Full bare metal prep:
With filler work, all you see in this picture, painted in gloss black and highly polished £850.

Two tone Tank plus side panels:
Black pinstripe, airbrushed writing on side panels, all flat colours, full prep and highly polished £750.
Skull Tank:
Tank only; full prep, basic skull art work flattened and highly polished £550-£750. This particular picture is £550.
Full Custom:
Marble candy, metal flake, pinstriping, airbrush art, all highly polished, design work by PMR and full prep £1500.
(Custom work comes in all different shapes and sizes and can get in to £1000's for more detailed work)
Black Fireblade:
Single colour, metallic black, stripped and re assembled, standard from the gun finish, and full prep £850

Sports bike race replica type:
Three colour race replica type job with Yamaha speed blocks, all done in paint no vinyl/ decals. This picture is what I would class as quite a heavy paint job for a sports bike, £1400. Most race replicas are cheaper than this particular job.
Tank, front and rear Fender:
Typical design work on a Harley type bike with pinstripes, three colours, airbrush lettering with full prep plus filler work, two stages of lacquer highly polished to a show finish. £1100

Free after care service if your bike sustains “light” surface scratches or scuffs.
We are happy to help you keep your paint work in tip top condition for free.
Please ensure if dropping off parts, that all fixings are removed and all parts have received a basic clean otherwise there may be and extra charged.
If your question has not been answered, please feel free to contact us. We will need to see at least a photograph of the job in question

These are some of the factors I have to consider and access when quoting your work….


1. The standard of Prep?

Do you want a, "quick go over", or the full works? The longevity of your paint work will depend on the standard of the quality prep work.

2. Colour?

Not all paints are the same; some cost more than others and can require more effort to apply.

3. The type of Bike / Car.

As you will know, not all bikes are the same.

4. Any damage?

Has the lacquer been broken in the form of a chip or scratch? Any dents or cracks in the plastic or fibre glass etc? Are there any decals? Are you stripping parts of yourself or do you require us to do it for you?
(It is not the size of the damage but where the damage is which will affect the rest of the painting process)

5. Has it been painted before?

I can not guarantee someone else's work if mine is to go over the top but it can still be done.

6. Standard of finish required.

Are you wanting a "from the gun finish"? This is the type of finish you see on a new car or bike, or, a fully flattened and polished show finish? This type of finish is perfection and is clearly visible when standing side by side a standard painted job.

7. Time scale?

What are your time scales? Under certain circumstances some people require a very quick turnaround for shows or meets for example. If this is the case and I am required to put in that extra time to meet your deadlines, then the price would obviously be priced accordingly depending on what work is going on at that particular time.
As a courtesy, your work will be photographed during each stage of the painting process for peace of mind for you.