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We have been teaching people to paint for the past 17 years. With bodyshops and successful painters around the country and the world off the back of our courses, you will not find better training anywhere for all aspects of automotive paint and repairs.

Please keep reading to find out a bit more about us and why you should choose us for your training.
My training is designed to cover all aspects of painting, whether conventional or custom. So, if you are serious about learning to paint or airbrush, in any form, then please take the time to read through this. I will tell you directly how I compare to other types of courses and how my training is different to anything else on the market.

I’ve been teaching and painting things now for far too long to talk to people with the “salesman pitch” or corporate approach. After all, I may have to spend a few weeks with you, so I would rather take your money by selling the course on a personal level. That way you know exactly what you’re getting for your hard earned cash. In other words, let’s skip the bullshit! The training may not be for everyone.
Or is it? So, first of all, let’s see if my courses are right for you.

Ok, so what is it you are looking to achieve?

  • You would like your own car/bike body shop?

  • Are you a painter already and want to learn custom stuff?

  • Do you want to learn airbrushing?

  • Would you like to paint your own vehicle?

  • Do you wish to seek employment in a standards-based industry?

  • Thinking about setting up a smart repair van on the road with the ability to take on bigger stuff?

  • Car Sales - Do you want to paint your cars in house and save money, instead of relying on some poorly trained smart repairs guys?

  • Would you like a fun hobby? Or take on a second income needing very little space and set up costs?

  • Do you need to iron out your self-taught painting issues and doubts?

  • Are you looking to specialise in helmets, cars, bikes (or both), musical instruments, household items, interiors, models, exteriors, computer or games stations, wheels etc.?
Do you simply want to have the knowledge to cover all of the above?
OK, let’s move on then!

1. I teach a maximum of 3 students per course

In case you noticed in my galleries, 4 are possible; however, this is only when it is an emergency and someone has to do that particular course. This doesn’t affect your training in any way, except for my workload, as I’m busy enough with just three students.  A larger student to teacher ratio would be unworkable for me and although I have a teaching assistant, it would affect your standards, considering the amount of logistics needed to keep things running smoothly.

2. I run a successful operational body shop

Which will give you the vital experience and feel of a paint business; especially for you guys wanting to set up your own shop, this in itself is priceless.
Anyone can put paint in a gun and change the colour of something, and for most painters the basic process is the same for us all. It is usually the small things in the paintwork that make all the difference. Learning in a real time place, doing real time work, is the key factor in learning and gaining the overall knowledge needed to run through a job smoothly. YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES and if you don’t, I’ll be making them for you!

Being in an environment that enables you to make, understand and fix possible paint issues is absolutely vital! There are so many variables in paintwork, and unless you can experience them in real time, you will waste so much time, effort and money in the process. Being in an environment where your only restriction is health and safety, and where you can move around freely without having to worry about costs or time, is a true learning experience.

My building may be a little ‘unconventional’ to some, but everything in it has a purpose that will benefit you guys in your own set up. It would be unrealistic to teach you in big, expensive spray booths and certainly in a classroom environment. I don’t care how much money you have to set up, all students are treated as if they are in same scenario, and that is that you’re on a budget. The training is geared towards getting the skill in your hands, rather than adapting you to specific tools, for specific jobs. Obviously I do have expensive equipment; you will be shown how to use and that will give you a good feel between what’s a luxury, as opposed to what you actually need to achieve perfection.

You will have a full body shop at your disposal and you will soon learn where everything is. The kit and consumables are there for you, so use them; I have no restrictions on extra practise or revision you may want to give yourself during the mornings before we start training, lunch or simply while you’re waiting for paint to dry.

Your course bonus is your free day on the Sunday (this is the 11 day course only). It’s a relaxed non-training day for you, without me rabbiting on over your shoulder. You can come in for an hour or for the full day; it’s entirely up to you.

3. I have no interest in selling you equipment and supplies!

Now this would be an easy one for me, however, I’ve always chosen a different approach to others for two reasons. In my personal opinion, and from a moral standpoint, I don’t feel teaching and selling should go together. I work closely with students and I don’t feel I could maintain the bullshit, day after day, in order to profit from you. I would rather teach you how to achieve the finest results in all areas, using the basics of everything, and advise you on how to save money. Obviously, we’re all on a budget and of course, I will recommend quality items and you will experience using them; but you will also experience doing the same thing without them. Then, after your course, it’s up to you what brands you buy. It’s my job to encourage success, and that means guiding you correctly from the start.

4. You get all the aftercare you need, forever!

Yes that’s right! You will get my full support for as long as you need it. Either setting up at the beginning of your journey, or 5 years down the line, I’ll always make myself available for you if you need my help. Also to this, I offer a free work experience day to all students.  Where, you can come and assist me on some real time work if you need to brush up on any skill fade you may have developed on any subject.


5. And finally, a bit about me!

I guess it’s only fair to explain a bit about myself and then it’s over to you to see whether you feel I’m qualified to teach you. Vanity is not one of my traits, but I guess ultimately, it’s me you’re paying for, so a quick CV, before I explain my course ethics to you.

Although I’ve dabbled in paint for most of my life, I started painting professionally in 2000. I worked from my single garage at home, doing bike repairs and custom work, as well as out on the road doing mobile car repairs (also known as smart repairs). Within a year I had more work than I could handle. That, and being outside in all weathers doing car repairs, prompted me to open PMR.

Feel free to have a look through my site to see what I specialise in, but I can assure you there isn’t much in the paint world that I cannot overcome, in all areas of painting and repairs, on cars, bikes, and any other surface for that matter. Please remember that I do this day in and day out for a living.

I have both civilian and military teaching and assessor qualifications. I have taught various subjects, to various classroom sizes, from small groups to lecture halls. I run an authentic workshop experience, this means workshop rules do apply here and it is one of the things students always have good comments about and enjoy; therefore, my workshop does not have a classroom environment.  I tend to cover various scenarios at one time, meaning I will bounce from a formal to informal teaching style where and when it matters. I tend to have a more forward and direct approach to my training. I understand that the people used to a more state educational type course, may find my methods of teaching a little less conventional at first, but you’ll soon relax and get stuck into what really matters.

I have a high degree of patience, so if you’re not doing as well as you should be, or you’re making mistakes, don’t worry! I’ll be going through that with you and helping to bring you forward to where you should be. You’re paying me to teach you new skills, and that is precisely what I will do. I lay a proud claim to helping many new successful businesses dotted around the country and around the world.
My course ethics are to get you to the best you can be, simple as that. It may even surprise you as to what you can actually achieve, no matter what your skill level may be. I purposely keep my course numbers low; this enables me to give you my full attention. I show all my students’ main work in my galleries, and I think you’ll agree there are some quality jobs and finishes.  So it’s in my own best interest to put the effort in.

Most days of the course, we start with teaching first, then real time practice for the rest of the day. Every day you will achieve something to show at the end of it, which will have you looking forward to the next day. While everything we do is enjoyable, I must warn you that there will be some hard work and a few stressful times to look forward to as well. Remember, you’ll be going through the full process of things and learning not just a good working practice, but also the ability to be self-disciplined. It’s a scary thing taking on your first real time paint job, in your own set up, especially if it’s a paying customer; therefore there has to be an element of pressure on your shoulders.

We make all efforts to make you comfortable and well catered for during your stay. I am always at hand for any guidance you may need.
I have taught students of all levels of learning abilities, backgrounds and ages. As long as your heart is in it, I can teach you.

“Now ask yourself, are my courses value for money? Have a closer look at what they cover in terms of, the level of commitment and the cost we put in to you. If you can find a course that offers you more, let me know, I will gladly give you training for free!